Projecting Leadership PresenceTM

Leadership presence is no longer a nice to have; it has become essential. Having a strong leadership presence is no longer associated with the charismatic, or the most senior of leaders. Today, all leaders are challenged to authentically communicate with confidence and composure to build credibility, trust and influence with a broad range of stakeholders.

In this engaging, informative and hands-on workshop, participants will be tested to examine how they perceive themselves, how they communicate and how they connect. They will discover the importance of being intentional and the potential power they have to affect others positively. The topic of leadership presence is demystified with practical strategies to implement immediately. Each participant walks away with a personal plan to increase their impact.

Who Will Benefit:

  • This workshop is ideal for mid to senior leaders who recognize that leadership presence is central to becoming more influential, persuasive and inspiring.

Delivery Formats:

  • 1-day or 1⁄2-day instructor led classroom
  • 4-part virtual instructor led 

Coaching For ResultsTM

Developing talent for today and retaining talent for tomorrow has become a critical issue in every organization. Coaching for ResultsTM is a two-time, award-winning program that provides managers at all levels with the practical skills to increase the quality and success of conversations with their teams, colleagues and senior leaders.

No other coaching program tackles the three critical elements to master the coaching conversation - the mindset of a great coach, the fundamental skills to leverage, and an effective process that creates accountability.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Managers and leaders of people at all levels
  • Individuals who provide coaching to project team members, peers or others.

Delivery Format:

  • 1-day overview; 2-day practical intensive instructor led classroom
  • 3-part virtual instructor led 


The Accountable Manager™

The Accountable Manager™ is our management fundamentals training program that equips Frontline Managers with the mindset, skillset and deliberate practices needed to not only lead, but lead with greater accountability.

The program is organized around three building blocks to drive accountability at the personal, team and organizational level.


New program starting in October 2018, request more information now!

The Leadership Contract™

Leadership accountability is one of the most pressing issues in organizations today.  Based on the New York Times bestselling book, The Leadership Contract™ by Dr. Vince Molinaro, this workshop is a powerful look at what is expected from all leaders today. 

Through deep reflection, interactive exercises, and culture building activities, leaders will come to understand in a profoundly different way the decision that is leadership and the obligation that it brings.

The aim is to set forth a community of leaders in your organization who are aligned to the expectations you have for them and are ready to tackle the hard work that is required to lead in today’s dynamic environment.

Elevate Your Influence™ for Women

Increasing representation and accelerating the development and retention of future female leaders is an important topic to organizations today. Elevate Your Influence™ helps organizations make movement on their diversity goals and provides females with an opportunity to reflect, connect and make choices about their future.

The insights for Elevate Your Influence™ have been gleaned through years of work with Global, Canadian, and US Fortune 500 companies. We combine world-class development with contemporary gender diversity research which results in acquisition of the skills needed for success in the context of female leadership.  Our cadre of experts–coaches and facilitators–have been there, and understand the challenges facing female leaders. Participants walk away with insight into their performance, perceived potential, a leadership plan, and the mindset required to achieve it.

What You Will Learn:

  • Insight into the critical experiences and beliefs that have made you the leader you are today
  • A vision for your future, the plan to get there, and acknowledgement of the strengths to leverage
  • Feedback on your strategic impact and leadership presence through transforming moments on and off camera
  • A plan to leverage and further build your sphere of influence by deliberately cultivating strategic relationships internally and externally 
  • A better understanding of the impact of gender on multitude variables and the personal barriers you may be placing on yourself
  • A method for communicating in a way that increases others' perceptions of your strategic capability
  • An ongoing community of strong supporters who are invested, connected and who want to 'pay it forward'

Who Will Benefit:

  • Mid to senior level female leaders


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