Layoffs Threaten our Next Generation of Leaders

Viewpoint by Jeff Forbes, Vice President

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In recent months, we’ve seen several Atlantic Canadian companies announce layoffs. Though they happen with some frequency, these particular layoffs raised eyebrows. It wasn’t just the timing, coming in the wake of reports we have finally emerged from a prolonged recession. It’s more the unprecedented nature of the layoffs that drew attention.

Leader's Insight: Jean-Paul Deveau, President, Acadian Seaplants Ltd.

In conversation with Jeff Forbes, Vice President

What does it take to lead a company recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for seven consecutive years? Jean-Paul Deveau took over the reins of Acadian Seaplants from his father in 2002, building the company into a multimillion-dollar performer exporting to 70 markets worldwide. Not one to rest on his laurels, he is constantly focused on what’s next.

Employment Brand: Part 3

Viewpoint by Anna Stuart, Vice President

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Atlantic Canadians love talking about government. Certainly, the past year provided lots of fodder for debate. From the continued courage of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Premier,to the challenges of Nova Scotia’s first NDP government,to New Brunswick’s dramatic shift in direction on utility ownership and fiscal management, there has been much to discuss.

Ace the Interview: The Dos and Dont's to Consider

I was thinking the other day just how many interviews have I conducted? I've been doing this for 11 years and I probably on average interview four people a day, so based on 250 working days/year that's roughly 11,000 interviews! Other than feeling rather old all of a sudden, I feel somewhat equipped to comment on what makes a good interview since I've seen many good (and many not so good) over the years. Here are a few suggestions…

Establish rapport...

Leader's Insight: Lee Bragg, Chief Executive Officer, Eastlink

In conversation with Kevin Stoddart, Vice President

Lee Bragg, son of John Bragg, was appointed CEO of EastLink in 1999. In the decade since, he has successfully led the integration of 12 cable companies, resulting in an innovative telecommunications provider serving communities across Canada. As the company prepares to add wireless offerings to its customer base, he sees no shortage of exhilarating challenges ahead for him, his team and the next generation of Braggs.

Leader's Insight: Ron Lovett, President & Founder, Source Security & Investigations

In conversation with Mark Surrette, President

As a child, Ron Lovett earned money any way he could – shoveling snow, managing three paper routes and giving five dollar haircuts to friends. At the age of 22, he started Source Security & Investigations to offer security services to nightclubs, and for events. Eight years later, the company now employs 450 licensed guards across Canada and its credentials include Canadian Idol and The Rolling Stones.