Stronger learning builds stronger people.

Investing in personal development can support the creation of sustainable competitive advantages and encourage employee engagement. That is why developing your people is more important than ever.

Our training programs address a variety of critical leadership and management skill gaps. Participants will learn the skills they need to deliver better results and effectively engage their teams in that process.

Develop sustainable leadership and management skills.

Successful people know themselves, know their business and know how to motivate others. Our programs support development in three key areas:

  • Managing self - We give your people insight into who they are, what they bring to the organization, and how to become high-impact contributors.
  • Managing people - We help your people drive results through coaching and enhancing employee performance.
  • Managing the business - We help your people to align team efforts and drive strategic initiatives.

Flexible delivery options.

Our team of experienced consultants has the content, expertise and technology to tailor solutions to your unique learning needs and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Our instructional designers develop courses for the way adults learn. You can choose from a variety of formats including facilitator-led classroom delivery, either in-person or virtually, or our eLearning programs.

Programs for common challenges.

Here are a few of our most requested programs:

  • Fierce Conversations – Improve results through improved communications. This program supports the development of the skills required for authentic, courageous and clear conversations.
  • Team Building – We provide a variety of programs to help organizations improve team effectiveness by focusing on developing trust amongst the team; creating strategies for honest dialogue and feedback; delivering on accountability measures; building collaborative partnerships amongst departments. Learn more about our team effectiveness programs.
  • Driving Results: Coaching Framework & Fundamentals – An award winning coach training program that provides leaders with practical skills to increase the success of coaching conversations with direct reports.
  • Role of a Leader vs. Manager – This program reinforces the difference between leadership and management. Key topics covered include dealing with confrontation, delegation and motivation. Participants will examine six managerial styles and learn when a particular style is most effective as well as actions to improve effectiveness with particular styles. Learn more about our approach to leadership coaching and development.
  • Change Management – Our program provides participants with an overview of the critical elements of successful change leadership based on a three-pronged approach which focuses on the content, the process, and the people impacted by the change.  Learn more about our approach to supporting change management.


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