Create real change through flexible and focused solutions.

In the face of uncertainty and change, are your leaders equipped with the skills and self awareness needed to tackle the challenges ahead and turn opportunity into success? How well does your leadership development plan align with your organization’s strategic goals?

Through in-depth consultation, our team will draw on proven processes and deep industry knowledge to create a program tailored to your unique leadership challenges. The result? A comprehensive plan grounded in the realities of your organization, to create lasting positive change and desired business results.

Our customized programs will challenge leaders to examine:

  • Their own leadership, how it has evolved and must continue to evolve;
  • The team they need and how to align and engage that team;
  • How to strengthen their ability to anticipate, shape and execute strategy in a dynamic business environment;
  • The broader organizational impact required to be successful; and
  • Their ability to influence multiple stakeholders, with different styles, goals and agendas.

What sets our Leadership Development programs apart?

  • Connect leadership directly to strategy execution - Our programs provide practical solutions anchored in your business reality. We consider the “big picture” of your leadership needs as a part of our proprietary process – The Leadership Pathway.
  • Combine business acumen and courage - We foster the discussions needed to drive change and sustainable growth. We take the time to understand your issues and surface the “undiscussable.”
  • Impact leadership effectiveness at multiple levels – Our programs can be tailored to the individual, team and organizational level.
  • Address leadership mindset, skill set and processes – Our approach ensures lasting behaviour and culture change.

Leadership Coaching with a focus on results.

Our team of experienced executive coaches provide one-on-one coaching, leveraging proven methodologies and assessment tools, to enhance individual ability. Our proven process, customized to business goals and the individual client, can transform an individual's style, help a team develop synergy and support leadership development in top performers.

Our customizable approach follows a five-phase process:

  1. Acquire context – Our work with an individual is done in an organizational context, so we triangulate the coach/client/organization relationship. We combine qualitative and quantitative techniques with available performance evaluation data to inform goal setting and action.
  2. Build awareness – We work with leaders to build awareness of strengths, over-strengths and gaps, in relation to business and leadership needs.
  3. Create plan – We develop a plan to leverage strengths, manage over-strengths, and close gaps. Measures of success are identified at this time.
  4. Drive growth – The plan is put into action with the support of one-on-one coaching sessions. Regular meetings generate momentum that results in rapid behaviour change or goal accomplishment.
  5. Evaluate impact – Together, we evaluate impact and assess where change has occurred. We measure coaching effectiveness in terms relevant to the client and the organization, monitoring progress against pre-established benchmarks.

Coaching solutions tailored to your leadership challenges.

Our coaching solutions support the following leadership challenges:

  • Onboarding for new Executives
  • Nurturing and developing your High Potentials
  • “Soft skill" development for technical/subject matter experts
  • Succession, with future leadership capacity development
  • Career path management to maximize development and potential across the organization
  • Improving the collaboration and performance of teams 

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