Leader's Insight: Lee Bragg, Chief Executive Officer, Eastlink

In conversation with Kevin Stoddart, Vice President

Lee Bragg, son of John Bragg, was appointed CEO of EastLink in 1999. In the decade since, he has successfully led the integration of 12 cable companies, resulting in an innovative telecommunications provider serving communities across Canada. As the company prepares to add wireless offerings to its customer base, he sees no shortage of exhilarating challenges ahead for him, his team and the next generation of Braggs.

Leader's Insight: Ron Lovett, President & Founder, Source Security & Investigations

In conversation with Mark Surrette, President

As a child, Ron Lovett earned money any way he could – shoveling snow, managing three paper routes and giving five dollar haircuts to friends. At the age of 22, he started Source Security & Investigations to offer security services to nightclubs, and for events. Eight years later, the company now employs 450 licensed guards across Canada and its credentials include Canadian Idol and The Rolling Stones.

Keeping the Focus: Leading to Maintain Engagement in Uncertain Times

Viewpoint by Anna Stuart, Vice President

Recent conversations with clients and colleagues – and the seemingly endless media litany of layoffs, closures, cost cutting – take me back to the early 1990s, which many of us recall from a perspective quite different from our current one. In that recession, many of today’s corporate and public sector leaders were employees, or perhaps frontline or middle managers. It is probable that their experience in that time has shaped the philosophy and values they bring to their current leadership roles.

Family Business - Starting Off Right

Viewpoint by Anna Stuart, Partner and Joe Moore, Partner

You’ve assessed the skills of your sons and daughters and identified the best candidate to lead your family business to continued growth and prosperity. It’s a major challenge resolved, but a bigger one lies ahead: preparing your new leader to successfully take over your role and responsibilities.

Navigating Economic Downturns - Protecting your Employment Brand for the Future

Viewpoint by Mark Surrette, President


For several years, we’ve been hearing about a looming war for talent. Baby boomers are starting to retire and fewer young workers are available to replace them, which means demand will soon outstrip supply in the labour market. Already we’re seeing the impacts of that significant demographic shift in certain industries, disciplines and geographies.